Business in a Box LARGE with international delivery


Our large Business in a Box contains 12 products in total: 

1 x Secret Pillow 
4 x Secret Shopping Bag 
2 x Cosmetic Bag Set 
1 x Laptop case 
1 x Kimono (one size) 
3 x Secret Scrunchie 


Simply choose the fabric selection you would like from the drop down list.

Please note that each Secret Product in the box will be made in the order the fabric is photographed in the picture. 

Each box comes a Christmas card and newspaper gift bag for each Secret Product

Depending on the country of the recipient, taxes may be charged by the government when the box arrives in their country. The payment of the taxes is the responsibility of the receiver. If you have any questions about this, please email 

Order now and expect to receive your box of Secret Products in early December. 

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