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    Questions about Secret Pillows

    What is a Secret Pillow? A Secret Pillow is a charming cushion that unfolds into a blanket. It originates from the world of quilting and is also known as a quillow.

    What are Secret Pillows made of? Secret Pillows out of 100% cotton fabric and 100% polyester wadding.

    What are the dimensions of a Secret Pillow? 

    Standard size Secret Pillow: 43 x 43 cm (folded) / 110 x 150 cm (unfolded) 

    Super Square Secret Pillow: 55 x 55 cm (folded) / 147 x 147 cm (unfolded)

    Really Tiny Secret Pillow: 8 x 8 cm (folded) / 13 x 18 cm (unfolded) 

    Are Secret Pillows suitable for babies? We do not recommend them for babies. Secret Pillows are a craft item, suitable for children over the age of 3 years. They are enjoyed by mobile children and adults, ending up in all sorts of places: on sofas, in cars, on beds, on aeroplanes, in gardens, in parks, on the beach, in offices, in camper vans, in boats - the list is endless!

    Have the Secret Pillows been tested? Yes. The Secret Pillows have been tested by SGS (www.sgs.com) whose report shows that they are non-flammable and comply with the requirement of ISO 12952-1:2010.

    How do I wash my Secret Pillow? Secret Pillows are machine washable at 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron. 

    How do I fold up my Secret Pillow? Click here to watch a short clip. 

    What is a SAMPLE Secret Pillow? SAMPLE Secret Pillows are made by women during the training stage of her 4-stage development programme. 

    Can I send a Secret Pillow as a gift? Of course! Choose your Secret Pillow and proceed to check out. Let us know in the notes section that it's a gift and write a lovely message which we will include in a gift card. Add the recipient's name and address into the Shipping section and we will ship the Secret Pillow and gift card directly to them.

    Questions about the Secret Sari Dress

    What is a Secret Sari Dress? A Secret Sari Dress is a simple dress made from a sari, designed to wear on the beach. Secret Sari Dresses are made by young women who live in shelter homes in India's biggest cities. They have been rescued from brothels.

    What are the made from? They are made from cotton, silk blend or synthetic mix.

    What sizes do the Secret Sari Dress come in? The dress wraps around the body.

    • Small / Medium (UK size 8 to 12; US size 4 to 8). Approximately 146 cm x 100 cm
    • Medium / Large (UK size 14 to 18; US size 10 to 14). Approximately 176 cm x 100 cm
    • Extra Large (UK size 18 to 22; US size 14 to 18). Approximately 206 cm x 100 cm

    How do I wash my Secret Sari Dress? Secret Sari Dresses should be machine washed at 30 degrees or washed cold (silk blend). Do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron. 

    How do I fold away my Secret Sari Dress? Please click here to watch a film on how to fold it away.

    Other FAQs

    How do I redeem a product I ordered through one of your crowdfunding campaigns? If you have backed one of our campaigns and still need to redeem your product, please email hello@secretprojects.org 

    Is Secret Pillow Project a charity? No, Secret Pillow Project is a company limited by Guarantee but it is run as a social business - no loss, no dividend. A social business is a business that primary goal is social change. In the case of Secret Pillow Project, the aim is to empower women who are socially, culturally and/or economically challenged. We welcome donations and invite social investors to invest through our Secret Pillow Project Social Investor Core. Click here to make a donation.

    I would like to support Secret Projects by giving time / space / ideas. How can I get involved? We would love to hear from you! Please drop us a line at hello@secretprojects.org 

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