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We are incredibly excited about our newest range that has sprung up organically in our Collections!  

Over the last few years, we have sadly seen so many haberdashery and fabrics shops closing, yet there is this growing demand for ‘slow fashion’ that has led to a surge in home dress making and crafting. We began chatting about this and had a lively discussion about the complete joy that shopping for fabrics, beads and buttons in India is. A total dream come true for any sewer!   

Our thoughts turned to Raja Market in Bengaluru - a firm favourite of Secret Projects and a place where we have purchased all sorts of gorgeous materials and fabulous buttons and beads over the years. It suddenly stuck us that we could bring the joy of this special place to our customers... It’s with great pride that we have put together our Button, Bead and More and Fabric by the Meter Collection! Secret Projects very own market!  

And it doesn’t stop there! To inspire the next generation of stitchers and creatives, the Collection contains, bundles of wonderful, colourful sari fabric scraps left over from our production, wadding, kits to make your own Secret Pillow and Secret Sari Necklaces, not to mention a personalised Secret Pillow!   

We were delighted when a number of textile teachers got in touch to tell us how fantastic they thought our Craft and Sewing Collection is, particularly our scrap bundles and make your own kits, which had become a valuable resource for their lessons. We have since been able to put together a dedicated teacher's ‘pack’ that provides ideas and resources and a platform for educators to share ideas.  

We realise that crafting and sewing is a growing area and we are not sitting still! We have plans for new ranges and will be excitedly sharing these over the coming months! Stay tuned...

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