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We absolutely adore fabrics at Secret Projects! Over the years, we have found some excellent fabric suppliers and have often dreamt of offering our customers the opportunity to buy wonderful material from India.  Through our Customer Trips, over 20 of our customers have travelled with us to India and experienced some magical fabric buying adventures, as we took them to visit markets and suppliers! However, we do realise that not everyone can jump on a plane with us, so that's when the idea came to us via one of our customers to sell fabric by the meter through our on-line retail stores we jumped on it.  Now we can give everyone the opportunity for a similar fabric buying adventure online. 

We are delighted to have put together our first range of fabric by the meter and to have it featured on  Simply Sewing Magazine's Pinboard in their January 2021 Issue. Please click here to be introduced to our fabric by the meter collection and have creative fun selecting yours! 

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